Reflecting on our Google and Face to Face metings.

In regards to what I did, I was the note taker in both events. While participating and interacting with my group members in a meaningful way; voicing my view point and responding to theirs while continuing to inform mine based on what I gained from their views. All while engaging in the conversation I also took down notes of our main ideas and organized them into a cohesive and presentable manner so that we had them for later employment and reflection.  What I read was the text “Teaching the iStudent” and what I heard was the great ideas of my group members that were derived from and based on the text and their own personal interpretations. It was a refreshing and unique experience that allowed for the free flow of ideas, team building and intellectual inquiry in a relaxed yet productive environment.

In interpreting the events that occurred in these meetings I felt frustrated and energized. I was energized to share ideas and learn from my group members but I was frustrated at the technical difficulties we experienced due to our varying wifi strengths. As a result our Google hangout was a struggle because we would become frequently disconnected and our voices would overlap due to a lag in audio transmitting, but it was a learning experience all the same and we all gained something out of it.  I remained energized however because it still helped us learn the ins and outs of google hangouts and our meeting face to face allowed us to interact as if we were on the google hang out but without the lag as our set up and agenda protocol remained the same.  The google hangout was essentially no different than the face to face meeting but it allowed for us to work collaboratively from our remote locations, in real time.  Overall this connects to the real life experience of just meeting in the library as we did, or the middle school and high school days of meeting at friends’ homes to work together on projects after school.  My hypothesis is that there is no real difference between a google hang out and a face to face meeting outside of the fact that it allows people to communicate remotely if distance is an issue. From what I observed, my hypothesis seems to be correct. However technical difficulties seem to be a lot harder to overcome versus overcoming distance, making face to face meetings more viable in certain contexts.

This information is useful to me  because I now know that google hangouts are a viable professional tool. But before any serious meetings are planned there should be a test meeting to make sure everyone’s connections interact appropriately with one another.  My only recommendation would be to conduct that test meeting, if the technology is not cooperative then a face to face meeting may be more appropriate if possible.



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